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Cannabis Chewing Gum, What took you so long?

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Cannabis chewing gum, THC chewing gum, CBD Chewing gum...or as we like to call it ‘canna gum’ is what we plan to discuss today!

The world of Cannabis is changing rapidly with new and innovative edible products hitting the shelves every day. Hundreds of gummies, chocolates, and vapes stacked all over the walls...but wait, where’s the good ol’ fashioned chewing gum?

Complement Cannabis cannabis-infused, THC, canna chewing gum in lemon mint with mint leaves and lemon slices

Making Canna Gum

As it turns out, chewing gum is not an easy product to manufacture. But if you have (a) 9 tons of heavy food machinery and (b) years to dedicate to formulation then I guess it’s doable.

Luckily Complement Cannabis has a bit of both! They have been able to formulate a cannabis chewing gum in three flavors: traditional mint, lemon mint, and watermelon strawberry. And this isn’t a cold, pharmaceutical plain jane ‘medicated’ gum - Complement Cannabis is offering a nice hand-finished craft gum that is pretty and delicious.

Why Canna Gum is the best edible

The International Journal of Universal Pharmacy and Life Sciences published an article on the effectiveness of chewing gum for administering active ingredients. Chewing gum has been used for the release of drugs, caffeine, and even vitamins! This is a highly effective method of consuming cannabis because it provides a high rate of buccal absorption!

What is buccal absorption?

Buccal absorption allows our body to absorb the cannabis directly through our bloodstream instead of the digestive system. There are many tiny blood vessels in our cheeks and under the tongue where the cannabis can penetrate and absorb into the body faster. Faster is better, especially when we’re talking about some edibles that can take up to 2 hours to take effect! Buccal absorption allows for higher bioavailability since some of the THC and CBD cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the mouth.

Complement Cannabis cannabis-infused, THC, canna gum in lemon mint, cool mint and strawberry watermelon

Where can I find Canna Gum?

Complement Cannabis provides one of the first canna gums on the market that provide a faster onset. Our cannabis chewing gum can be dissolved in the mouth for 15-30 seconds (allowing for buccal absorption) and then chewed for a minimum of 10 minutes (allowing for digestion) - best of both worlds! Why not have your cannabis in a zero calorie, discreet form and have your breath freshened as well? Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? I’ve also heard chewing gum helps relieve stress, reduces anxiety and makes you more alert.

Complement Cannabis also uses nanoemulsion technology which reduces the particle size to a fraction of the original THC and CBD particle size. This is done to provide a fast-acting product that is easily absorbed into the body. Whether you are a consumer of THC products, CBD products, or both, you will be happy to know that Complement Cannabis is doing all it can to improve your experience!

So the next time you walk into a dispensary and are in search of a fun & convenient product, be sure to check out Complement Cannabis Chewing Gum.

Complement Cannabis cannabis-infused, THC, canna chewing gum in strawberry watermelon

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