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A Guide to Microdosing Cannabis--Getting the best high all-day

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Why should you Microdosing?

Traditionally, weed has been consumed at high THC content and that’s why, usually, people unknowingly over consume the first time get “laid out” and “baked”. For some first-time users, this can be a traumatic experience causing them to not want to try cannabis again. (Oh no! Don’t leave!)

The cannabis market is flooded with products that praise themselves with having the highest THC amount but there is a growing demand for lower THC and CBD products overall. People want a controlled high, a way to find out their THC tolerance and all-day buzz kind of high.

A new technique or way of consuming weed is called microdosing.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing might sound all technical and scientific, but it’s consuming small amounts of a substance at a time. In this case, the substance we are talking about is THC.

It’s all about finding that THC sweet spot where just enough THC is consumed that the body and mind can feel it, but isn’t over-intoxicated.

Benefits of Microdosing

Controlled High

Microdosing allows the user to control their high. No more guessing what level of a high you’ll get. You get the positive attributes of being high like the body and mind feeling but not the negative ones like experiencing paranoia or being a straight-up couch potato for the rest of the day. (Though every once in a while a lazy day is needed. #SelfcareSunday)

Complement Cannabis High Chart
Complement Cannabis High Chart

Tolerance Discovery

For beginners, it provides a “testing the waters” experience. Imagine a person who doesn’t know how to swim, they are scared of jumping on the deep end but using the steps and having them stand in the pool lets them go deeper or shallower on their own terms. Microdosing allows for baby steps into a new experience.

For OG consumers, microdosing can help them discover different types of high, a controlled high. It allows them to experiment with how their body reacts to cannabis. It’s a self-discovery.

Steady High All Day

Microdosing is like taking sips from a wine glass versus a straight shot. Consumers can keep a controlled high all-day without feeling sluggish. We all live active and busy lifestyles, and microdosing complements that (hence our hashtag #complementyourlifestyle).

Negative effects of overconsumption

Microdosing can help limit side effects of THC overconsumption like paranoia, anxiety, intense psychoactivity, or a severe case of the munchies followed by a stomach ache.

How much THC should I take?

It depends. Everyone’s body is different and it will take some experimenting. Start at lower doses first, like a 2.5 mg THC/ 2.5 mg CBD (also known as a low dose 1:1, it will provide an equal parts body high and psychoactive high) jello shot and work your way up to a 5mg and eventually a 10mg.

Try making a schedule where you take a microdose edible every few hrs and see how it makes you feel. Don’t feel anything? Increase the dose.

What products should I use to microdose?

Though smoking is the most widely accepted way of consuming weed, we don’t recommend it because it’s harder to dose how much THC the body is taking in based on a hit.

We suggest tinctures, oils, or edibles because the dosage is measured. Microdosed edibles like our jello shots and chewing gum, provide a set amount allowing you to eat the entire serving”). Some edibles have high THC content and can technically be broken into the “microdose pieces” but THC isn’t always evenly distributed in a gummy or chocolate bar and who wants to only take a small bite then have to store it for later. Who leaves a half-eaten chocolate bar?! That’s just savage!

Our Microdose Products

Discover our jello shots and chewing gums! Serving sizes for our products range from 2.5mg to 10mg THC so you can enjoy the entire serving if you want. Our products are homogenized so the THC is consistently distributed and is fast-acting.

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