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A Cannabis Gum That Actually Works!

Could you use some weed right now but your grandma is sitting there staring at you? She has the nose of a K9 unit. Quick! Scour the internet!!!

Weed infused chewing gum recipes?!?!?

Complement Cannabis Chewing Gum!

Wait! I don’t have to make it? I can just buy it?

An awesome way to consume marijuana discreetly, made for today's fast paced world.

The THC you love, packed in a tiny, breath freshening, zero calorie crunchy marshmallow pillow. This fast acting cannabis infused chewing gum will make you wave good-bye to your other edibles.

Complement Cannabis has gone through multiple research & development phases and trials to bring you the perfect THC chewing gum. This isn’t like any other edible where you can chew & swallow it, this canna gum has specific instructions to help you have the optimal experience! Dissolve the cannabis gum in your mouth for about 30 seconds and then chew for at least 10 min. It’s a great chew! It’s the perfect size, and tastes great too! This show stopping canna gum comes in three delicious flavors. Classic mint for a crisp, cool feel. A pairing of lemon & mint to give you that refreshing ‘ahh’ feeling! And sweet sensation strawberry watermelon for a fruity blast.

Best of all this gum gets you high! As high as you want! Would you like a 2.5mg THC piece for a light buzz? We got it for you! Oh, you want a little more? Pick up a 5mg/piece pack. And if you’re ready for a little more, we have 10mg/piece packs too! Perfect for microdosing!

All sold in 10pieces/pack that will fit comfortably into your lifestyle. Go ahead, give it a try! Take it to your round of golf or to that concert you’re dying to go to. Or have it during your morning walk. Take a light dose to get the edge off or a heavy one to sleep it off!

And don’t worry no one will be able to smell it on you, including your grandma.

This is Complement Cannabis Chewing Gum enhancing your day, your way.

Complement your lifestyle!

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