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About Complement

If you want to experience more with less...then you are just like us! You're going to feel right at home here.  


Our founder has been a cannabis advocate for a greater part of his life. However, it was always too easy to get too high too quickly for too long, where’s the right balance?


What began as an experiment to consume less has turned into a mission to provide the community with a new type of cannabis product.


It was years in the making, and it’s been worth the wait.


Our Mission Accomplished:


A line of products that supports you in doing more…with less.



Sativa, Indica, and all the strains…

what really gives a ‘better’ experience?


Here is our opinion:


1) The Quality of your State of Mind

Like anything in life, having a positive mindset can make all the difference. If its your first time, be in a comfortable environment, just chill.


2) Cannabis Strength

Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of years ago, the cannabis plant was naturally lower in THC and higher in CBD. Recently, cannabis has been bred and engineered to become more and more potent – frankly, to a point where it's not manageable. Over-consumption creates couch potatoes, so – Keep It Lite.


3) Cannabinoids & Terpenes 

A blend of cannabinoids and terpenes can have an affect on your mood…like aromatherapy. Check out some of our blogs on terps.


4) Sativa Vs Indica 

Sativa is a taller plant with thinner leaves and originates from warmer climates . Indica is the opposite: a shorter plant with wider leaves from colder climates….none of which has to do with a “mind or body high” 🙄

What Matters


A lot of companies talk about sourcing.

But here’s the plain truth:


Vapor pens and edibles are virtually all created from crude or distillate oil extracts of cannabis which in their processing, strip most of the original terpenes. The remaining super potent concentration of cannabis oil is micro dosed to make the end product you use.


The really important factor here is to ensure that the source is free of microbials, pesticides and metals.  Because you want clean stuff, right?


Sourcing matters more when we are talking about inhalable cannabis products (flower and pre-rolls).




When the flowers combust, the best parts of the terpenes are released in the aroma…and oh how we love that smell!


Complement sources the very best cannabis for our products by paying attention to which harvests are yielding the highest quality of product for our use.  We choose flower that has been grown as naturally as possible, outdoors, in the sun, the way we think it was meant to be grown.


Since outdoor flower only comes into harvest once a year, make note that anyone selling outdoor flower-grown product all year long….is using packed and stored and potentially ‘old’ flower.  Which is why during non-harvest times, Complement Cannabis switches over to freshly grown, indoor flower. Indoor-grown flower has a whole host of reasons to love it:  it’s safe from pesticide drift, pests are minimized, and therefore so is use of pest control chemicals.


Using this formula for sourcing ensures you always get the freshest and best-grown flower available any time of the year!

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